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Abramtsevo Estate

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Located at a distance of about 70 km northeast of Moscow, and a short distance away from the St.Sergii Monastery, this estate is delightfully green and is enveloped in thick forests of birch, fir and oak trees. It is said that the landscape at the estate has been one of the most favored landscape amongst painters. Considered to be the artistic and intellectual hub in the 19th Century, this estate contributed a lot in the development of the Russian culture through the century. The estate came under the spotlight in 1843 when it was bought over by Sergei Aksakov, a brilliant thinker and writer of those times. Aksakov was known for his denunciation of European influences, and belief in Russian traditions and values; he is also famous for his semi-autobiographical works which highlighted the life of Russian aristocrats. Abramstevo Estate came to be frequented by two of Aksakov’s closest friends Ivan Turgenev and Nikolai Gogol; the latter is said to have written a large portion of his work Dead Souls while staying at the estate. The Estate was taken over in the year 1870 by Savva Momentov, who is known as one of the greatest catalysts in the development of Russian Art. A keen art enthusiast, Momentov set up an artists’ colony at Abramtsevo, and invited numerous artists to live and work at the estate. He funded the entire activity and soon painters like Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel, and brothers Viktor and Apollinarius Vasnetsov. These artists did a considerable amount of work, transforming the sights of the estates into their paintings, thereby creating a treasure of Russian Art. The house on the Abramstevo estate was used as a setting for Chekhov’s reputed play The Cheery Orchard. The building though appealing from outside, has an ornate interior. A part of the house has been preserved in the French Empire Style, as favored by Aksakov; the other sections of the house display the Neo-Modern tastes of Momentov. Today the estate has a School of Applied Art on its premises, along with a vast collection of works by artists who stayed at the Estate during Momentov’s time. The estate is open to public between 10am-5pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Abramtsevo Estate

Abramtsevo Estate

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