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Arkhangelskoe Estate

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A visual treat of Neo-Classical architecture, this estate has been referred to as a “corner of paradise’ by some. Made popular by Prince Nikolai Usupov, the estate’s owner from 1809, the estate came to be known as the playground of the rich Russian aristocracy. Usupov, who is said to have been interested in culture, science and art collection, is said to have kept a harem here as well. Usupov, also mingled with the intelligentsia both European and Russian, and was known to be in touch with both Voltaire and Pushkin. The estate was sold to Usupov after the death of the first owner Prince Nikolai Golitsyn, a favorite with Catherine the Great. Golitsyn had begun building a magnificent castle on the estate grounds, but did not live to see its completion. Prince Nikolai Usupov continued the good work, and today the regal building is a sight to behold. Neo-Classical in architecture, it sports marble arches, wide terraces and arcades. Visitors can walk about the estate and witness numerous Neo-classical urns, statues and busts flanking the terraces and the gardens of the estate. Amongst other features on the Arkhangelskoe Estate, there is two-storey Caprice, Rose Pavilion, a Tea House, and a temple dedicated to Catherine the Great. The main house itself has wide collection of Russian art, and displays paintings of Tiepolo, Van Dyck, and Boucher. The house also has an entire section dedicated to the portraits of the Prince’s lovers and mistresses. The Building’s terraces present beautiful views of the Moskva River and the rolling greens surrounding the estate.

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Arkhangelskoe Estate

Arkhangelskoe Estate

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