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38, Kutuzovsky pr.,
(495) 148-19-67

The Museum-Panorama "Borodino Battle" is devoted to the brightest episode of the Patriotic War of 1812 - the battle between Russian and French armies near the Borodino village, which Napoleon called "the battle of giants".

The Museum-panorama " the Borodino fight ", is opened in 1962. The building is constructed under the special project (architects A.R.Korabelnikov, A.A.Kuzmin, S.I.Kuchanov and engineer-designer J.E.Avrutin). Facades are decorated by two mosaic panels in the size 75 i2: " the National home guard and a fire of Moscow ", " the Victory of Russian armies and exile of Napoleon " (artist B.A.Talberg); in lateral pilonah pig-iron bas-reliefs with the image of a military armour (sculptor I.P.soar) are mounted. Before a building on a stone parapet trophy French guns are established, in 1973 M.I.Kutuzov’s monument is built.

The main exhibit in the Museum is the huge panorama created by Frantz Rubo in 1910-1912, depicting the scenes of Borodino Battle. It is a 15 meter (50 feet) high and 115 meter (383 feet) wide canvas located in a round hall with a viewing platform which is "the centre of the battle". The panorama was shown in wooden pavilion on Pure ponds in 1912. In a basis of a plot of a panorama - the most intense moment of the Borodino battle - storm by the Frenchmen of village Semyonovskoe at midday on August, 26th (on September, 7th) 1812.

Along with the panorama are displayed weapons, uniform of Russian and French armies, sculptures and painting.

The Panorama is located near to " Kutuzovskoj a log hut" and a communal grave of 300 soldiers - participants of the Borodino battle 1812.

Open: 10am - 6pm (Last admission 4.45pm)
Closed: Friday, the last Thursday of each month

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