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Moscow State University
Vorobyovy Gory

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Moscow State University's imposing central building stands on the Vorobyovy Gory (the Sparrow Hills), dominating the campus and overlooking the Luzhniki district of the city. The enormous gothic skyscraper was commissioned by Stalin, along with 6 others dotted across Moscow known as "The Seven Sisters", and was built between 1949 and 1953 on the site, which Ivan the Terrible had deemed "too windy" for construction back in the 16th century. A total of sixty trains were employed to transport the building's steel frame from the eastern Ukrainian city of Dneiperpetrovsk and thousands of forced laborers worked on the building for a period of 4 years, under the ever watchful gaze of Stalin's favorite henchman, Lavrenty Beria.

The University (MGU) building comprises a 36-storey teaching block flanked by four huge wings of student accommodation and is said to contain a total of 33 kilometers of corridor. The building's proportions are deceptively vast and its spire, despite appearing small from the ground, is in fact 240 meters tall and the star on its top weighs an incredible 12 tons. The building's facades are ornamented with giant clocks, statues, carved wheat sheaves and Soviet crests and stand before a terrace featuring heroic statues of male and female students gazing optimistically and confidently into the future.

The day on which Moscow University was founded is celebrated every year in Russia as Student's Day. The university boasts more than 30,000 full-time, part-time and post-graduate students enrolled in 16 faculties and a staff of more than 8,500 professors, associate professors, research associates and lecturers. MGU also boasts scientific research institutes specializing in the most significant areas of modern science, such as Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Astronomy, Lasers, Molecular Biology, Bio-organic Chemistry, Anthropology, Materials Sciences, Ecology and the Humanitarian Sciences.

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Moscow State University

Moscow State University

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