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The Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii

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The Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii directions
Located 75 km northeast of the city of Moscow, the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii is one of the 4 existing Lavras in Russia. An imminently holy place, a Lavra is the equivalent to the Vatican in the Russian Orthodox Papacy. Named after a 14th Century monk, St. Sergii of Radonezh, the monastery was originally a wooden structure which was razed by the Tartars after the monk’s death. However, it was in 1442 that the construction of the Trinity Cathedral began, following the canonization of the saint. The monastery has seen a series of renovations and additions to its structures through the years. Today, the Monastery stands out because of its white walls, capped with golden domes and the curious sloping walls. Ivan the Great ordered the construction of the Church of Holy Ghost in the year 1476, and the rectangular building with its white bricks, flanked by a blue and gold domes bell tower. The Cathedral inside the monastery contains the relic of St. Sergii, as well as iconostasis which contain many works of Andrei Rublev. The monastery also has a museum on its premises, which is open to public and displays royal icons and portraits. While the monastery is open to visitors all days of the week between 8am 6pm, the museum is shut on Mondays. Similarly the churches are closed for visitors on weekends.

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The Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii

The Trinity Monastery of St. Sergii

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