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Kolomenskoe Estate
Close to metro Kashirskaya

Kolomenskoe Estate directions
In 1621 suddenly near the gates of Tsar`s Palace not great detachment of Tatar riders has appeared . They immediately were taken prisoner by streletses. All of them testified that they are warriors of Develet-Girey Khan , whose army wanted to seize Moscow in 1571 , but was beaten and divided on the small groups. Runnig away from pursuit , their detachment came down to the misty ravine , hoping to waiting over the chaise. They left the ravine after a few minutes and found yourselves in 50 years ahead. Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich ordered to prosecute an inquiry , and it displayed that Tatars didn`t lie most likely. Even their weapon and equipment were just like not according to 1621 , but older roughly on 50 years.

In 1810 , two peasants of Sadovniki village, Arkhip Kuz`min and Ivan Bochkariov , returning home from Diakovo village, decided to make their way shorter and went through the Volosov ravine... There was a dense mist on it`s bottom . Walked between Deviy and Goos` stones , they suddenly plunged into this greenish mist and then... met strange hairy creatures which said that peasants found themselves in temporal gap and it will be very difficult to get them back , but they will do their best... And then these two poor peasants have appeared on the same place , but in 1831. Some still living people from their village knew them again... Afterwards , during policemen experiment , one of them dissapeared without leaving a trace before their eyes , and other one has been depressed an soon commited suicide.

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Kolomenskoe Estate

Kolomenskoe Estate

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