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Archangelís Cathedral

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Four cathedral-museums occupy the most important place in the Kremlin Museum-Preserve. These are the Assumption Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Archangel Cathedral and the Church of Laying our Lady's Holy Robe. All the temples have played a significant role in the history of the Russian State and are open to the public.

The history of the Archangel’s Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin dates back to the XIV century: in 1333, the first Great Moscow Prince Ivan Kalita (Money-bag) ordered to lay the foundation of a white-stone church devoted to St. Archangel Michael respected in Rus as a guardian of soldiers and Russian princes in their feats of arms. In 1505-1508, a new majestic cathedral was erected on the place of the old church. Venetian architect Aleviz Novy was especially invited by Great Prince to supervise the construction project.

Up to the XVIII century, the Archangel’s Cathedral had been a burial place of Moscow Princes and Tsars. The white-stone gravestones of Princes adorned with praying words and epitafhs stand under the cathedral’s vaults in strict order. The tombs of the Ryurikovich dynasty are located endlong the cathedral’s walls. The tombs of the Romanov dynasty are situated near the south-western and north-western pillars. The first Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible and two his sons are buried in a special tsar’s shrine set in the altar part of the cathedral.

Among the most respected reliquaries of the Archangel’s Cathedral are the one with the relics of St. Prince Michael Chernigovcky murdered in the Golden Horde in 1254 and the one with the relics of Tsarevich Dmitry, the younger son of Ivan the Terrible. The remnants of Saints had never been covered with sod but placed in special reliquaries set up for belivers’ worship. The reliquary of Tsarevich Dmitry is placed at the south-western pillar under the stone carved marquee.

The cathedral's pillars and walls are covered with portraits of Moscow leaders and their glorious ancestors. In the local row of the iconostasis one can see the ancient image of "Archangel Michael with glorious works", created in the time of the Battle on the Kulikovo Field.

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Archangelís Cathedral

Archangelís Cathedral

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