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Moscow Attractions

There are a wealth of attractions in Moscow to suit the whole family. For more information about what to do and where to go in Moscow, please click on 'View Details' of your preferred attractions below, or use the Quick Search option on the right-hand-side.

Attractions in Moscow
Kuskovo Estate
Kuskovo Estate or Palace was created in full conformity with tastes and rules of Russian nobiliary life and art of 18 th century. It is the composite centre of the "Kuskovo" ensemble, one of the earliest samples of summer country residences of Russia...

Kolomenskoe Estate
In 1621 suddenly near the gates of Tsar`s Palace not great detachment of Tatar riders has appeared . They immediately were taken prisoner by streletses. All of them testified that they are warriors of Develet-Girey Khan , whose army wanted to seize M...

Abramtsevo Estate
Located at a distance of about 70 km northeast of Moscow, and a short distance away from the St.Sergii Monastery, this estate is delightfully green and is enveloped in thick forests of birch, fir and oak trees. It is said that the landscape at the es...

Moscow State University
Moscow State University's imposing central building stands on the Vorobyovy Gory (the Sparrow Hills), dominating the campus and overlooking the Luzhniki district of the city. The enormous gothic skyscraper was commissioned by Stalin, along with 6 oth...

Kazan Cathedral
The original Kazan Cathedral was built in 1636 in honor of the Kazanskaya Icon and to commemorate Tsar Mikhail Romanov's victory over the Poles and Lithuanians in 1612. The Kazanskaya Icon is one of the city's most precious icons and was discovered b...

Located 20 km southwest of Moscow, Peredilkino is a dacha or a cluster of country houses amidst thick forests. The outskirts of Moscow have a number of dachas; however Perdelkino is special, because it became the favored weekend retreat of the Russia...

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Attractions in Moscow

Attractions in Moscow

Attractions in Moscow

Attractions in Moscow - Lenin's Tomb

Attractions in Moscow

Attractions in Moscow

Attractions in Moscow

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