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Pyatnitskaya St
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The Grillage Restaurant housed in the old mansion in Pyatnitskaya Street combines the harmony of the 19th century interiors and modern culinary tendencies.
In contrast to many restaurants in Moscow, the Grillage is faithful to the traditions of continuity. The sign above the entrance to the restaurant contains the old Russian letters to remind that the mansion used to belong to Peter Smirnov, the supplier to the Court of His Majesty the Emperor. Old bookcases with rare books, antiquity from the collection of the former mansion owner, unique old scales, elegant furniture and art deco lights as well as other elements of decoration are supposed to create the atmosphere of the 19th century, when cozy family evenings, nice conversations and home musical concerts were integral parts of Moscow high life.
The pride of the Grillage Restaurant is the special wine room. In the coolness and twilight of the wine room one can see the old shelves and stands with bottles of wine sorted out according to year of production and brand. The collection of the restaurant boasts exclusive wines such as "Lafite-Rotschild", "Haut Bryon", "Petrus" and others. One might find it quite difficult to choose the wine from such a rich assortment. An experienced wine specialist will help those who hesitate to make their choice. He will recommend a kind of wine to harmonize with the main course of one's dinner.
The distinguishing characteristic of the Grillage Restaurant is preparing dishes from the freshest products, avoiding deep freezing. The menu of the restaurant offers dishes of the so-called "haut cuisine". Alexey Markovsky, the chef of the Grillage Restaurant, has an experience of working in the best restaurants of Moscow and Europe. He creates culinary masterpieces that deserve attention of the most demanding gourmets. Combining the elements of European, Russian, and Oriental cuisines results in invention of wonderful delicacies such as Breton oysters on melting ice, beef carpaccio with wild cherry vinaigrette, Toscanian salad with warm quail and forest berries, foie grass and so forth.

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