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Gavan v Hamovnikakh
Rossolimo St., 7

Gavan v Hamovnikakh directions
Gavan v Hamovnikakh Beer Restaurant, situated close to the Gorky Park, consists of the three halls, each of them featuring unique interiors and atmosphere.
The menu of the Gavan v Hamovnikakh Restaurant is remarkable for its variety. It presents seafood dishes as well as traditional dishes of Russian and European cuisines. The exquisite and unusual delicacies prepared by the chef of the restaurant deserve special attention.
It is important to mention that the main principle of the Gavan v Hamovnikakh Restaurant is preparing healthy food. The dishes consist of the most qualitative ingredients and contain a lot of vegetables, potherbs, and fatless meat. The sauces are prepared with usage of non-fat cream and olive oil.
The guests of the restaurant are entertained by live music. It serves as a nice background for both business conversation and romantic evening. Those who like to dance will appreciate the spacious dance floor. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the saturated entertaining program takes place in the restaurant

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Gavan v Hamovnikakh

Gavan v Hamovnikakh

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