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Beerloga directions
The Eating-House Beerloga looks like a huge hut covered with red tiled roof. Unusual interiors perfectly match the name of the venue that can be translated as a "den" or "bear's lair". All the elements of the interiors are made of natural materials, such as wood and stone. Massive tables and chairs made of polished wood look like they are roughly knocked together, the ceiling is crossed with heavy beams made of dark wood and decorated with plants and twigs, between the tables there are barrels. The interior is decorated with fountain shaped as a mountain river edged with stones. Since the restaurant imitates a bear's lair, it does not have any windows. Instead, the windows are set into the floor, so the guests could observe the lower storey.
The menu of the restaurant features Caucasian and European cuisine dishes. The guests appreciate Neapolitan meat, roast beef, Bavarian pork rolls, and so forth. The special offer of the restaurant is the dish calling "Beerloga", which is a chicken gammon stuffed with walnuts and cherry-plums, baked in puff paste with conserve fruits. The menu contains meat and fish cold appetizers, various salads, French and Italian wines, strong alcohol drinks, and so forth. The beer lovers are welcome to spend some time in the beer hall where they will be offered many sorts of their favorite drink.

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