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Golden Dragon
Kalanchevskaya St., 15a
7-095-5060033, 5065533

Golden Dragon directions
The Golden Dragon Restaurant features five halls, which are the Chinese Hall, the Imperial Hall, the Sea Hall, the VIP-Room and the Karaoke Bar.
The restaurant is decorated with usage of classic Chinese style elements. The Chinese Hall intended for up to 20 persons is adorned with mats, old fans and figurines. The Imperial Hall that can hold 60 guests is designed in the style of a reception hall of a Chinese palace. The hall was decorated by Chinese masters by. The Sea Hall is intended for up to 12 visitors. The walls of the hall are painted with scenes of underwater world. The interior of the hall features aquariums with golden fishes. The VIP-hall is equipped with karaoke system and tables-aquariums. The guests are entertained by live music.
The Golden Dragon Restaurant specializes in dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Among the special offers are meat cold cuts, sea eel in sweet and sour sauce, fish filet with mushrooms, and so forth. At the guests' disposal are vegetarian and fast menus. The wine list includes French, Italian, Spanish, and German wines, and Portuguese ports.

Daily from 19:00 till 23:00 the guests of the restaurant are entertained by live music - chanson and author's songs. At the guests' disposal there is a free parking place.

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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

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