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Jason Restaurant
Kosygina St., 15

Jason Restaurant directions
The Jason Restaurant bears the name of one of the greatest heroes of Ancient Greece, the leader of Argonauts who set out in search of the Golden Fleece. The restaurant is situated close to the center of Moscow, in the entertainment complex "480 years B. C.". The guests of the restaurant are offered dishes of Greek cuisine. According the motto of the Jason Restaurant, "one can try original Greek cuisine in the Jason, or in Greece!"
To create the atmosphere of Ancient Greece, the tables of the restaurant are placed in the open deck of the ship shaped as the legendary Argo. The ship is set on the large swimming pool with fishes and sea turtles. There are tables on the balconies of the entertaining complex, and those who want to celebrate a corporative party are welcome to use the cozy banquet hall. The halls of the Jason Restaurant are decorated with replicas of antique statues and hand-made furniture.
The menu of the Jason Restaurant features exquisite Greek dishes with unusual names. For example, "Tzatziki" is traditional Greek appetizer consisting of cucumbers and rasped garlic mixed with plain yogurt, "Patates Hovolis" is mouth-watering potatoes baked with bacon, cheese and cream, and "Khirino Selinato" is pork stewed with celery. For desserts the guests are treated with dainties bearing attractive names "kataifi", "profiteroli" or "galaktoboureko". Wines from Chili, Spain, Italy and Greece will perfectly harmonize with Greek dinner or supper.
The waiters of the Jason will be pleased to help the guests trying Greek cuisine for the first time to make their choice.

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Jason Restaurant

Jason Restaurant

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