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Louisiana Restaurant
Pyatnitskaya St., 30, block 4

Louisiana Restaurant directions
The Louisiana Steak-House is designed in country style. Cream-colored and white walls decorated with brickwork and durable furniture made of stained wood are combined with funny details of interior decoration emphasizing the cowboy style of the venue. In the restaurant one could see American flags, copper utensils of the Wild West developing times, huge cactuses, and even plates with cars' numbers screwed on to the walls. In the restaurant there are two halls. The large hall is intended for up to 50 persons, and the VIP-hall is intended for only 6 guests. The restaurant also features a separate house for 8-10 guests.
Distinguishing characteristic of the Louisiana Restaurant menu is extensive choice of steaks. Meat delivered by American producers is prepared according traditional Texas receipts. Among special offers of the restaurant are Chicago Grilled T-bone Steak, Devil Steak, and Killer Steak. The menu also features traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine, such as quesadillas, enchiladas, and so forth. The wine carte of the restaurant presents California wines. The restaurant offers special menu for kids and fasting menu.
The guests of the Louisiana Restaurant are entertained by American folk songs and country music.

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Louisiana Restaurant

Louisiana Restaurant

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