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Zamok Mephisto Restaurant
Shmitovsky Passage, 10

Zamok Mephisto Restaurant directions
The Zamok Mephisto Restaurant designed as a gloomy medieval vault welcomes all those favoring exciting experience and unusual entertainments. Opened more then ten years ago this Restaurant-Theater still enjoys great popularity with the Muscovites and guests of the city.

The Zamok Mephisto is a restaurant of choice for people of humor. A sense of humor is required to pass Mephistopheles, the master of the venue welcoming the guests at the entrance, and to choose a cozy place in the Hall of Catastrophes, Mephisto Study, Dragon's Cave, in the Cemetery or in the Prison.

The Restaurant's menu featuring strangely named dishes can also strike the most sensitive visitors. For example, the Hell Desserts section threatens with blindness, deafness, dumbness, oblivion and insanity. If the most courageous guest doesn't close the menu, he will find out that the Dumbness is the jasmine mousse with grapefruit sauce, and the Insanity is delicious nougat with raspberry sauce.

The Zamok Mephisto is also famous for its interiors. The black and red decor tells about all kinds of catastrophes and disasters. The special place is given to the Middle Ages theme.
In the evening live music is played in the restaurant. The themed parties and all kinds of performances are also regularly held here. At weekends there are children programs with puppets, magician, acrobats and animal trainers.

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Zamok Mephisto Restaurant

Zamok Mephisto Restaurant

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