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Alpengluk Restaurant
Vavilova St., 81

Alpengluk Restaurant directions
"Alpengluk" means "Alpine happiness" in German. The restaurant presents dishes of those countries that border Alpine Mountains, such as France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The interior of the restaurant reminds of a chalet in Alpine Mountains. Cream-colored walls, lace curtains, black and white photos on the walls create an atmosphere of coziness and easiness. The restaurant features three halls and VIP-room. Unusual detail of the interior decoration is glass floor in the hall. Through the glass the guests could see the wine cellar located on the lower storey.
The menu of the restaurant features various delicious dishes. Swiss cuisine is presented by fondue, the national dish prepared of five sorts of melted cheese and white wine. The guests of the Alpengluk Restaurant are offered meat, fish, vegetable, and even chocolate fondues. The menu also features German meat courses, cold and hot appetizers of Mediterranean cuisine, French onion soup, trout fish with almonds, and exquisite dishes prepared by chef from Austria.
The restaurant boasts rich carte of wines. Wine connoisseurs are welcome to attend the cellar and choose a bottle of wine to his or her taste.

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Alpengluk Restaurant

Alpengluk Restaurant

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