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National Russian Hunting Club
1st Bukhvostova St., 3
7-095-506-00-33, 506-55-33

National Russian Hunting Club directions
National Russian Hunting Club is the restaurant for those who enjoy hunting and fishing. In the world there are only eight venues of this type: hunting restaurants-clubs exist in the USA, Africa and Europe. One of such venues is open in Moscow. The main characteristic of the National Russian Hunting Club is that all the dishes offered in the restaurant are prepared of meat of wild animals bagged on hunting grounds of the Russian Federation. Seafood dishes are prepared of fish caught in Russian rivers and lakes. Another feature of the restaurant is careful preserving of the recipes of the 17th-19th centuries.
The menu of the National Russian Hunting Club includes meat, fish and poultry dishes. Among the most popular dishes are the "Fish Mosaics" prepared of various kinds of seafood, ostrich's meat with fruits and walnuts, quails in cherry sauce, lynx's shoulder, and so forth. The menu offers such exquisite and exotic dishes as grilled saiga's ribs or bear chop. The restaurant presents a large variety of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, desserts, home bakery, ravioli and vareniks.
The interior of the restaurant is designed in hunting style. The walls are decorated with hunting trophies and pictures taken during hunts and fishing trips. The permanent clients benefit by a number of privileges: they possess discount cards, and they have a right to bring their trophies and pictures to decorate the restaurant. Thus, the interior of the restaurant reminds an exposition of a hunting museum with the constantly increasing exposition.

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National Russian Hunting Club

National Russian Hunting Club

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