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Schwarzwald Restaurant
Petrovka St., 14
7-095-2003595, 2004457

Schwarzwald Restaurant directions
The Schwarzwald is the restaurant of choice for those who are fond of drinking first-class beer in pleasant settings. The restaurant is reckoned for its unique atmosphere of a convivial dinner. The interior features the masterful combination of German heaviness, good quality, spaciousness and home-like coziness. The furniture is simple and massive. The airy Schwarzwald main hall is split into several zones by massive columns connected by vaulted arches. The brick walls are decorated with stylish lamps covered by figured iron shades and shelves with the antiquarian utensils. All these remind of a Medieval castle and the centrally located brazier on which shashlik and German sausages are fried on request just reinforces this impression. On a small platform enclosed by forged chain there are four cabins. The restaurant also boasts of a VIP-hall with karaoke.
The main place in the menu of the Schwarzwald Restaurant is given over to beer. The visitors are offered 12 leading beer sorts. The dishes offered are mainly of German and Czech cuisines. Spicy salads, sausages, meat dishes and various snacks are worth trying. Fish and fasting-day menus are available.
To make the restaurant look even more German the traditional German beer melodies have been chosen as background music.

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Schwarzwald Restaurant

Schwarzwald Restaurant

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