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Art Galleries in Moscow

For any lover of art, Moscow is like a Pandora's Box waiting to be opened up. From the works of Salvador Dali to the canvasses of Gaugin; from Van Gogh to Monet, Moscow 's numerous art galleries are home to many such masterpieces.

Moscow Art Galleries
A culturally alive city.

True to its image, Moscow as a culturally alive city has a number of beautiful art galleries which showcase the talents and masterpieces of the art maestros' right from the medieval ages to the modern age.

If you need to witness the magnificent art of the ancient Russian civilizations and the sheer mastery of the early Russian painters, there is no better place in the world for it.

Moscow 's art heritage has been drawing considerable interest from the Western Countries, for the simple fact that the collection on display in these galleries is unmatchable. Here's taking a look at some of the art galleries which have etched their names into Russian pride.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Located opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the largest European Art museum in Moscow . Established in the year 1912, by noted Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva's father Ivan Tsvetaeva, the museum houses some of the finest paintings of European Impressionist painters.

During its initial days of opening, the museum displayed mainly antiques, medieval and Roman Sculptures and statues. Two of the important documents The Moscow Mathematical Papyrus as well as the Story of Wenamun were also housed at the Pushkin Museum.

The first floor of the museum today holds European sculptures, and antiques from Egyptian, Assyrian, ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The collection called "Treasures of Troy" is invaluable, and is said to have belonged to the people of Troy , as glorified in Homer's Illiad. These artifacts were stolen by the Red Army during the World War II raid of Berlin , and today can be seen in Room No.7 at the Pushkin.

On the second floor, above the artifacts floor, is Russia 's most impressive display of European art. The illustrious European impressionist's paintings are all kept here. Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Cezanne, Gauguin, Matisse and Vlamink are all artists whose works find a place in this magnificent collection.

Also on display are Gothic and Renaissance paintings from Italy, Holland and Germany ; apart from the large collections of Ruben and Rembrandt works. The Museum also plays host to the annual International Music Festival, Svyatoslav's Richter December Nights.

State Tretyakov Gallery.

If you want to discover Russian art in all its magnificence, you have no reason to look further. The Tretyakov Gallery is the largest collection of Russian fine arts & artifacts in the entire world.

The Gallery is said to have been started by the Muscovite Merchant Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov in mid 19 th Century, when he purchased a number of paintings created by Russian painters and artists. Originally bought to build a private collection, Tretyakov later showed his collection publicly in Moscow . The Merchant was a great art patron, and artists flourished under his patronage.

He is said to have donated large sums of money, to the cause of a national art gallery; and even donated his house and surrounding buildings to the museum, so that the Tretyakov Gallery could have a premise of its own. The façade of the building was redesigned in the year 1902-04 by famous Russian painter Viktor Vasnetsov, to resemble a Russian fairytale.

Though in modern times the Gallery premises have extended beyond its original size; it still remains the one-stop site to enjoy Russian Art. The Tretyakov Gallery is home to largest collection of Russian art, and has close to 130,000 exhibits, including icons made by Andrei Rubylov, 1 th century portraits, Realist art from the 19 th Century, and The Romantic Symbolism of the 20 th Century.

The gallery also has graphic art and applied arts in its repertoire, apart from the avant-garde paintings including Theotokos of Vladimir , Composition VII by Wassily Kandilsky , and Andrei Rubilev's Trinity.

Personal Collections Museum.

Located next to the Pushkin Museum, The Museum of Personal Collections was a result of tremendous initiative and constant endeavours of Russian art collector Ilya Zilbershtein.

This gallery primarily displays the vast private collections of various art collectors in Russia, seized during the Soviet Times. The enormity of the collections display the fact that Russians have inherently had an eye for fine arts.

The museum has a permanent exhibition on the grounbd floor, and displays amongst other works, a few of Salvador Dali's as well Henry Matisse's works. The 3 rd floor of the Gallery, has an eclectic collection of 19 th Century works of artists such as Ilya Repin, and Alexander Benois.

The 4th Floor is dedicated to 20 th Century Russian art, and showcases contemporary artists such as Robert Falk and works of Alexander Rodchenko, a constructivist artist.

Museum of Modern Art.

Started at the behest of Zurab Tserteli, the former Director of Academy of Arts, in Moscow; the Museum of Modern Art initially started out by displaying his private collection of art.

Today it boasts of close to 1500 works of art, and encompassing all the major schools of art. Be it constructivism, avant-garde, futurism, cubism or realism; you will find something from each of these art forms exhibited at this Contemporary Arts Museum.

The Museum is a must visit for all modern art lovers as it showcases the brilliant works of the most illustrious artists of this century, including names such as Chagall, Goncharova, Picasso, Petrov-Vodkin.

Roerich Museum.

Another museum which stands out for its sheer eclecticness is the Roerich Museum. Dedicated to the life and works of Nicholas Roerich, a great Scholar and Artist from 19 th Century Russia; this museu documents some of his artistic and scholastic endeavours.

Drawn by the mysticism of the Eastern Continents, it is said that Roerich travelled to countries of Central Asia, including Tibet, India, Manchuria, Mongolia. During his journeys, he attempted to truly represent the allure and enigma of the Himalyan Mountain ranges through the smoky colours on his canvas. A large number of his paintings and canvasses are on display at the Roerich Museum, along with his journals and photographs.

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