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The city of Moscow is rich in cultural and ancient heritage, which is demonstrated in the fact that the city is rich in museums.

An array of Museums in Moscow to choose from.

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of categories that the museums can be broadly divided in. There are museums related to history and antiquity of the Russian empire; there are art & crafts museums; there are museums dedicated to noted personalities such as writers and painters, and there are military and science museums.

No matter what your interests are, you are sure to find a few museums which will enlighten and intrigue you with the wide array of displays and memorabilia. So come, discover the pulse of Russian society as showcased in Moscow 's different museums.

Historical Museums.

State Historical Museum - A veritable display of Russian life in the past and the present, this museum is situated mid-way between the Red Square and Manege Square.

Built in the year 1875-1881 by noted architect V. Sherwood, this ornate red building was inaugurated by Tsar Alexander III in 1894. Done up in red brick, the State Historical museum has a façade made up of beautiful turrets, and white cornices along with pinnacles. The interiors are no less lavish, with rich murals and paintings decorating its walls. One of the most striking features at the Museum is the magnificent ceiling painting depicting the family tree of Russian Tsars from the times of Vladimir & Olga of Kiev to Alexander III.

The Museum provides a peek into the Russia of yore when it was inhabited by ancient tribes, to the formation of more structured Kievan Rus. Some of the most priceless objects on display here are - a 5000 year old longboat excavated on the banks of the river Volga ; gold artifacts from the Scythians dating back to 1 st millennium BC.

The museum also has a number of carved stone tools and weapons like spears, female statues, and 3000 year old earthen pots amongst its many pre historic displays. The library at the State Historical Museum boasts of having some of the rarest documents in the Russian history, including the Chludov Psalter (860), Mstislav Gospel(1117) and Yuriev Gospel. The museum also has the largest coin collection in Russia , with over 1.7 million coins.

Museum of the History of Moscow - Paying homage to the magnificent city of Moscow, this museum is a tribute to the centuries of history that Moscow has. It showcases life as we know it in Moscow today, even as it takes us back to the days when the city saw its first civilization.

Opened to the public in 1896, it is one of the oldest museums in Moscow, and has a large collection of paintings, artifacts, and archaeological findings which trace back the history of Moscow to its early days. From crockery to clothing; from books to stamps, the Museum of the History of Moscow is a delight to discover. If you want to see what medieval Moscow looked like, take a look at the drawings of the noted painted Apollinarius Vasnetsov, kept here.

The collection of ancient maps and drafts indicates how the city of Moscow has developed and changed over the years. This is the best place to visit if you want to discover how the Muscovites lived in the early years, what they wore, what type of wares and tools they used, and what type of work they did. A sneak peak into the real Moscow , this museum is a must visit.

Archaeological Museum - A relatively new museum inaugurated in the year 1997, the Archaeological Museum of Moscow is rich in artifacts and objects of antiquity, some dating back to the 12 th Century AD. The museum is well known for the limestone arches it houses, remnants of the Voskresenky Bridge, which once upon a time spanned the length of the Neglina River . Amongst the permanent collection kept at the museum, the 12 th century jewellery including earrings and necklaces; some 15 th Century Spanish doubloons and early Moscovite coins are worth seeing.

Museums devoted to famous personalities.

Aksakov Museum - Situated in the magnificent house that Sergey Aksakov used to live in, this museum is a dedication to the life & works of this noted author and literary critic of the 18 th Century. The original furnishings and decorations of the Aksakov residence have been maintained, and the museum has a rich collection of Aksakov memorabilia

Dostoevsky Museum - A tribute to the renowned Russian author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, this museum is located in the family house of the Dostoevsky's, within the premises of the Mariinsky Hospital for the poor. The interiors of the museum have been reconstructed based on the descriptions and diary entries of the writer himself.

The Dostoevesky Museum effectively showcases the life of Fyodor Dostoevsky and his family, and is rich in family portraits, engravings, and ancient lithographs depicting scenes of early Moscow . Amongst the most sought after displays at the Museum are, Dostoevsky's signature encased in glass, the quill pen he used to use, and the parish ledger which recorded the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky in 1821.

Chekhov House-Museum - Lovers of this Russian playwright and short story writer definitely should pay a visit to the Museum dedicated to Anton Chekhov. Housed in the family home of Chekhov, this museum showcases some of the rare first editions of Chekhov's work, as well as some of his original playbills. Regular lectures and excursions are organized through the property where visitors can witness the consulting room of Chekhov, his bedroom and the family salon.

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