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Eating Out in Moscow

Whether you're after a quick lunch or a lazy dinner, you'll find plenty of options in the city of Moscow.

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An extravagant choice of cuisine...

Traditionally Muscovites consider the act of dining at restaurants a luxury and prefer eating at home. In the olden times, eating out in Moscow was not a very pleasurable experience, due to the lack of good restaurants. However today, the repertoire of cuisines and restaurants available in Moscow has seen a sea of change, and practically every type of cuisine is now available in the city.

Tourists will find a host of eateries and cafés serving food as diverse in taste palates as Oriental and American. The cost of eating out is usually high in Moscow , however recently there has been a rise in the number of mid-range eateries and fast food chains.

For those who want to savor the traditional Russian food, there are a number of restaurants in Moscow which serve it. Mu-Mu Café is a very reasonably priced restaurant which serves a canteen style meal, rich in traditional Russian items. The place is frequented by tourists, students and office goers alike and is a self service joint.

There are a total of 6 Mu-Mu Café outlets in Moscow . 1 Red Square , as the name suggests is located in the Red Square inside the History Museum and makes for an expensive dining option, with prices going up to $50 for a full meal. However, that is compensated by the fact that the restaurant has a unique menu, comprising of traditional Russian recipes.

These recipes are said to have been recovered by the chef from the ancient Russian archives. Café Pushkin is considered to be the best restaurant in the whole of Russia , offering its patrons a 20 th Century experience in terms of décor and staff. Served by polite waiters, diners can enjoy mouth watering combinations of Russian and French cuisine.

The Café also has a well stocked library, and a rooftop seating area for patrons to enjoy. Yolki Palki on the other hand is a popular local joint, and has a number of outlets across the city. Armed with an exhaustive salad bar, traditional Russian folk music, Yolki Palki is a restaurant with kitschy interiors and comparatively low prices.

Another unique cuisine that tourists visiting Moscow should try is the Georgian food. While traditional Russian food tends to be bland and heavy, Georgian food is comparatively spicier and lighter. Genatsvale, located close to the Park Kultury serves mouth watering Georgian cuisine and Wine.

The Barabulka, a specialty from the Black Sea is the most popular delicacy of this eatery and has people coming in droves and Guriya, another Georgian restaurant is a complete contrast to Genatsvale in terms of décor, however it is even more popular amongst people because of its dirt cheap prices. Located opposite Gorky Park , the eatery is famous for delicacies like lobio, khachapuri and pelmeni.

The Muscovites are also opening up to Oriental tastes; sushi is a popular fare here and so is Indian and Chinese food. With restaurants like Tandoor, and Gandhara the Indian subcontinent flavors are set to tingle your taste buds. Thai restaurants like Baan Thai, HKong, and Blue Elephant are very popular in the city. Moreover, the American Fast Food chains like Mc Donald's and KFC are cropping up at a fast rate in Moscow and can be found at most of the famous malls and shopping complexes. These fast food joints in Moscow are frequented by tourists and local residents alike.

Another popular option when it comes to food in Moscow is the street food culture. Outside most metro stations one can find numerous stalls and hawkers selling delightfully tasty items, at really cheap prices. Kroshka-Kartoshka is one such outlet, as well as Teremok which serve sandwiches & stuff baked potatoes, and Russian pancakes called blinchiki respectively. While in Moscow do taste the shawarma , a popular Caucasian roll with meat filling.

Armed with restaurants to suit everyone's palette, Moscow provides a great gastronomical adventure for its visitors.

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