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Weather in Moscow

The Russian climate and weather in general has been described as continental. Being situated on 55.55' of the Northern Latitude and 33.37' east of the Greenwich Meridian, Russia's climate is characterized by pleasant summers and winters which are long and dry.

Weather in Moscow
A continental climate.

Moscow tends to get a lot colder than most European cities and temperatures reach extreme levels during the winter months. This is the reason why Russians and Muscovites are such hardy people. Battling temperatures close to - 15°C every winter has made the Russian people more resilient.

Moscow and Russia as a whole experiences two major seasons - Summer and Winter. The onset of Summer begins in May and continues till September, the temperatures in these months can vary from a mild 30° C to a high of 39°C. Between the months of November to April, the weather is cold and the temperature does not go beyond 0°C. However, it is the months of January and February which bring in the bitterest weather, and the temperature fluctuates between -10°C to - 20° C.

The days are short, and the landscape is covered in a thick carpet of snow, with an estimated 35 cm of snow cover. In fact there is no respite from the snow in the months between October to March, as it snows almost incessantly. The lowest recorded temperature in Moscow has been -43°C, a temperature almost impossible to imagine. Thawing of the snow begins towards the end of March and early April, when everything turns to slush, and its muddy everywhere.

The best time to visit Moscow is usually in the months of July and August, when it's pleasantly warm. It is at this time that the streets of Moscow are flooded with tourists and finding a decent accommodation and travel reservations might be difficult to come by. For the brave-hearted, the Muscovite Winter can be charming as well; imagine nursing a glass of vodka in front of a warm fireplace.

The snow-covered landscape has its own allure, for those adventurous souls who don't mind facing icy winds. However, the onset of summer and autumn are also a good time to explore Moscow . The temperatures are mild and the landscape is no longer bleak, giving Moscow the color for a perfect tourist destination.

No matter when you decide to visit this enchanting city, it would always help to be informed and well prepared. Whenever you choose to visit Moscow , make a quick research of the weather conditions and carry the necessary belongings to enjoy this city to the hilt.

Moscow Weather.

Temperatures in Moscow range from -9.05 to 23.3 (Celcius).

C F 40 104 30 86 20 68 10 50 0 32 -10 14 -20 -4 J F M A M J J A S O N D

Rainfall in Moscow varies from 93.0 to 243.0 (mm/month).

mm inch 500 20 400 16 300 12 200 8 100 4 0 0 J F M A M J J A S O N D

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