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Soyuzmultfilm Potpourri Cartoon Concert

Music from your favorite cartoons performed by an orchestra


Okhotny Ryad


from 16.04.2022


This concert, consisting of music from beloved Soviet cartoons, will be held at the Great Hall of the Conservatory. It is a great opportunity to introduce children to the music, but adults will enjoy it, too: they can immerse themselves in pleasant memories of carefree years.

The concert will show the cartoons Cheburashka, The Bremen Town Musicians, Well, Just You Wait!, The Flying Ship, In the Port, A Small Cutter, The Nutcracker, Dog in Boots, Boniface’s Vacation, and How the Lion Cub and the Turtle Sang a Song. Melodies written by Maksim Dunaevsky, Gennady Gladkov, Vladimir Shainsky, and other famous composers will be performed by the Russian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. Songs will be performed by soloists from the group Republic and the Velikan children’s choir. Conductor — Sergey Tararin. The concert will last 75 minutes.

Photo: Moscow Conservatory


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