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The Dream of the Moskvich

Large-scale exhibition by the Moscow Transport Museum




from  18 May from


400 — 400

The new exhibition is dedicated to the incredible history of the Moskvich car brand. The exposition, housed in the USSR Transport pavilion at VDNH, documents the eventful biography of these popular vehicles, which would repeatedly become the subjects of films, jokes, legends, and memoirs. The event showcases 30 exhibits from the transport collection, as well as over 300 artifacts.

The organizers describe the exhibition as a "biopic". Biopic is a genre of fiction films that presents an artistic re-imagining of a famous person's life. Although in this case, what is being re-imagined is the biography of a car brand rather than a person.

The exhibition is the first full-scale project of the Moscow Transport Museum. The Museum will open a permanent exposition in 2023, inside the Melnikov garage in Novoryazanskaya Street: a true masterpiece of constructivist architecture. While renovations are still ongoing, the Moscow Transport Museum is presenting its projects at third-party venues.

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