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The World as Objectlessness. Birth of a New Art exhibition

Malevich, Filonov, Chagall, and others in the Jewish Museum




from 20.10.2022 until 19.02.2023

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On 20 October the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center launches a new exhibition titled “The World as Objectlessness. Birth of New Art: Kazimir Malevich, Pavel Filonov, Marc Chagall, Anna Leporskaya and Others”. This project is implemented in collaboration with Encyclopedia of the Russian Avant-Garde and Yeltsin Center. The exhibition will feature works by Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, Lev Yudin, Konstantin Rozhdestvensky, Anna Leporskaya, Ilia Chashnik, Nikolai Suetin, Valentin Kurdov, Vera Ermolayeva, Mikhail Veksler, Pavel Filonov, Mikhail Matyushin, Eduard Krimmer, Robert Falk, Dmitry Sannikov, Ivan Gavris, and other artists. These include paintings, graphics, small sculptures and ceramics from major Russian art museums and private collections.

The exhibition is named after The World as Objectlessness, a treatise written by Kazimir Malevich in 1921–1922 where the author summed up a decade of his artistic evolution. The central theme of this project is one of the most significant periods in the activity of the founder of Suprematism – the establishment of the innovative Avant-Garde Art School. It started in 1919, from the creation of UNOVIS (Union of New Art Champions) in Vitebsk Art School, where Malevich worked as an invited professor, and finished during the 1930s with the period of post-Suprematism.

Originally, The World as Objectlessness. Birth of a New Art was displayed in the Yeltsin Center gallery. The curators have supplemented the exhibition held in Moscow with graphics from the Tretyakov Gallery, suprematist porcelain from the State Hermitage and the Kuskovo Estate Museum, and paintings from the Vitebsk Art Museum.

Photo: Jewish Museum


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