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“White Cube. August” Exhibition

Chamber works from the museum collections


from 11.08.2022 until 16.10.2022

This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the works of artists offering various interpretations of the idea of a journey into a picture of the world. Images of a labyrinth and a playing field, panoramic scenes, and digital landscapes allow visitors to immerse themselves in a fascinating world.

Even the very name of the exhibition is symbolic: it contains both the month of its opening and the two key pieces on display.

Works by Viktor Alimpiev, Evgenia Buravlyova, Valentin Gerasimenko, Alexey Dubinsky, Vyacheslav Koleychuk, Nikolay Nasedkin, Nikola Ovchinnikov, and Timofey Parshchikov are accompanied by works by Jan Ginzburg, Alexey Korsi, Agne-Maria Silkinaite, Yakov Khorev, Anastasia Tsayder, Sergey Sharov, and the Museum of Perpetual Attractions collective.

The “Collection. Vantage Point” exhibition program was conceptualized in 2017 and became an addition to the museum’s range of large-scale exhibitions.

Cover photo: Evgenia Buravlyova
August. From the Rehabilitation Measures series. 2016
Oil on canvas
Collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

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