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Let The Other Live Within Me

An art project about the relationship

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Park Kultury


from  21 June from


200 — 400

Let The Other Live Within Me is an exhibition dedicated to human interaction with non-human entities: animals, plants, bacteria, large-scale physical phenomena, and technological systems. The exposition will open on June 21 in the new space of the Laboratoria Art & Science Foundation at the New Tretyakov Gallery and will run until October 10.

The event will showcase 11 projects by Russian and foreign artists, including Marina Abramović, Ralf Baecker, Danya Vasilyev, and Agnes Meyer-Brandis. Their artwork has one thing in common: the desire to become more aware that we are all part of a hybrid community, to tear apart interspecies boundaries, and to set aside anthropocentric thinking. Another distinctive feature of the exhibition is that all projects were created in cooperation with engineers and neuroscience experts.

The exhibition also has a dedicated education program, which will be launched on June 22. During that day, visitors will be able to engage in open dialog with exposition contributors. Furthermore, there will be a special conference in September, titled The Art of Speaking with the Other and exploring the relationship between humankind and technology through the lens of contemporary art.

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