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Melnikov/Melnikoff exhibition

The exhibition is timed to a jubilee of the famous architect


Aleksandrovskiy Sad


from 05.10.2022 until 23.01.2023

days: Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Fri,  Sat,  Sun


250 — 450

For the first time over several decades, the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture presents a large-scale exhibition of the Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov on his 130th anniversary. The project titled “Melnikov/Melnikoff” is the most complete presentation of the master’s works aimed at acquainting the audience with his multifaceted architectural heritage.

The display encompasses over 200 exhibits. These are architectural and artistic graphics, including student works and portraits, archival documents, scale models made especially for this exhibition to illustrate the non-implemented designs which, nevertheless, had a huge impact on contemporary architecture, as well as paintings, personal items and photographic materials from the archive of the Melnikov House. Among rare articles there are items related to Konstantin Melnikov’s first voyage to Paris in 1925 for the construction of the famous Soviet Pavilion: a Kodak camera and a medal of the International Exhibition participant. As for the scale models, special attention shall be paid to Melnikov’s personal exhibition at the V Triennale in Milano in 1933, which has been reconstructed from a single survived photograph.

Photo: Shchusev State Museum of Architecture


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