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The “Russian Art Nouveau: Towards the Synthesis of Arts” exhibition

Objects of art created between late 1890s and 1910s

Русский модерн



from 26.10.2021 until 31.08.2022


300 — 500

The “Russian Art Nouveau: Towards the Synthesis of Arts” exhibition is a part of “The Tretyakov Gallery Opens its Vaults” project. It presents paintings, graphics and sculptures from the holdings of the State Tretyakov Gallery that belong to the golden age of Art Nouveau in Russia between 1890s and 1910s.

It was the time of focus on image simplification technique and panel painting where monumental form was combined with elaborated decorative ornamentation. The development of this trend was supported by the participation of many artists in the design of theatrical productions. The exhibition features works by Mikhail Vrubel, Isaac Brodsky, Alexander Golovin. The key exhibit is the “Princess of Dreams” panel by Vrubel based on the Edmond Rostand’s verse drama La Princesse Lointaine. As a part of the project, the curators conduct guided tours of the exhibition.

Photo: press materials


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