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Treasures of Tutankhamun's Tomb Exhibition

Discover one of the world's most mysterious cultures


until 31.08.2022

11:00  —  22:00


500 — 800

This is a unique educational project taking place at pavilion No. 33 of VDNKh which will be interesting for visitors of all ages, including children. The name of Tutankhamun is perhaps one of the first associations that comes to mind when we speak about Ancient Egypt. The tomb of this pharaoh was discovered almost undisturbed, and the treasure discovered there caused a sensation in the archeological world.

The exhibition puts more than one hundred artifacts on display, all of them exact copies of things discovered in the tomb, which a team of artists, museum restorers, and Egyptologists spent more than a year recreating. The exhibits include royal jewels, a ceremonial chariot, statues of gods, magical decoration, golden sarcophagi, the best-known bust of Nefertiti, and, of course, the famous death mask of Tutankhamun.

Professional guides lead visitors through the exhibition. They allow guests to feel like real archeologists unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization.

Photo: VDNKh

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