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Around Leningradskaya

The smallest Stalin skyscraper


The Leningradskaya Hotel opened its doors in 1953. Because of the difficult terrain, architects had to reinforce the box foundation to prevent the potential uneven settling of supports. In turn, this required changes to the reinforcement frame of the entire building, so this skyscraper is the lowest of the seven in Moscow: its spire reaches a height of 139 m.

Maria Kalish talks about the main halls and rooms, where not only the furnishings, but also all the frescoes and ceilings have been restored.

The series consists of five tours where the best experts in Moscow — Denis Romodin, Larisa Skrypnik and Maria Kalish — will highlight intriguing facts about hotels and their guests. You will learn more about the construction history of hotel buildings, and get acquainted with the architects and artists who worked not only on the interiors, but also on every detail of the exterior.

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