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Around the Vodootvodny Canal

One of the most romantic promenades in the capital

водоотводный канал.jpg

What used to be on the site of the Vodootvodny Canal and why did the Moskva River need an alternate route? The history of this water artery in the city has many interesting details. Each of the eleven canal bridges that connect Bolotny Island with the southern part of the city has its unique feature and is unlike any of the others.

Today, the Vodootvodny Canal is a favorite place for many city residents to stroll and one of the capital’s most inviting embankments. How did the first fountains appear on the water’s surface here, why is Luzhkov Bridge is so adored by newlyweds, and why were barrier gates needed here? Moscow expert Maria Kalish explains all this in the new episode of her online tour.

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