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Video tours of Moscow hotels: Metropol

An amazingly beautiful building in the center of Moscow

Metropol Hotel_Метрополь.jpg

Hotel Metropol looks like an open-air museum: the amount of art on its walls is astounding. Created by great Russian artists, the interior design even outshines the architecture. But that was Savva Mamontov’s idea: a building like a canvas! Inside the building is the Grand Hall of the restaurant with a painted dome, stained glass trim on the elevator shaft, atriums and halls with antique furniture from the 19th century. And most importantly, rooms where famous people from politics and show business stayed. The hotel has 400 rooms in all, and in keeping with the spirit of the Art Nouveau era, no two were alike. The exterior of the elegant Art Nouveau building has a century-old history and delights passersby with majolica panels based on sketches by Vrubel, and the sculptural frieze The Seasons. Vrubel’s panel Princess of Dreams on the facade of the building is known as the most famous panel in Moscow. It was created based on the plot of a drama in verses by Edmond Rostand, and always attracts the eyes of passersby. Together with the audience, in addition to the visible elements of the building’s decor, we will look at the important historical details that remain on the walls of the old hotel building.

The series consists of five tours where the best experts in Moscow — Denis Romodin, Larisa Skrypnik and Maria Kalish — will highlight intriguing facts about hotels and their guests. You will learn more about the construction history of hotel buildings, and get acquainted with the architects and artists who worked not only on the interiors, but also on every detail of the exterior.

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