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Halal food in Moscow

Establishments that serve “clean” eastern cuisine


“The East is a delicate matter” is not just a proverb, but a principle of life. The preparation of halal (حلال in Arabic, which means “permitted”) or “clean” food must take a number of conditions into account, from the proper butchering of meat to proximity to unsuitable foods. Therefore, even large cities such as Moscow, it can be difficult to find restaurants that operate in accordance with the main principles of Islamic cuisine. RUSSPASS has gathered a few eastern cafes that serve food which is prepared in accordance with all the rules.


Bosfor on the Arbat

Turkish restaurant Bosfor opened in 1997 and since then it has delighted guests with its eastern hospitality and wide variety of halal dishes. There are two lounges inside and an outdoor summer veranda that is perfect for large family dinners. Breakfast is served starting at 9:00, and on Sundays, the restaurant offers an unlimited brunch buffet. On weekends, the restaurant stays open until the last guest leaves.

The menu offers a large selection of national dishes – from meze and hummus to a variety of kebabs and pide flatbread. And, of course, classic Turkish coffee can be enjoyed at any time. The restaurant is halal certified, but the menu also includes alcoholic beverages.

Address: 47/23 Arbat Street

Telephone: +7 (499) 241-93-20

Opening hours: 9:00–24:00


Lila Arabic × Munterra

Every summer, Moscow confectionery Lila, together with Munterra Lounge Restaurant, opens its roof with cozy poufs, oriental carpets, hookahs, and unique cuisine, along with a cocktail menu from Insider Bar. It is a nice place to relax after the work week and spend time with friends. The menu was created under the direction of noted chef Régis Trigel (Brasserie Most, Strelka, Sixty).

It offers a traditional cream-cheese labneh made of yogurt, pistachios, and mint, a refreshing matsoni soup, an assortment of halal kebabs, and unusual eastern desserts, such as manna cake with rose water and Arabian pudding. All halal-certified dishes are marked with a special symbol.

Address: 22/1 Sretenka Street, building 1, veranda

Telephone: +7 (495) 607-10-01

Opening hours: Sunday–Thursday: 12:00–0:00; Friday–Saturday: 12:00–2:00


Mr. Livanets

Authentic Lebanese restaurant Mr. Livanets has been open for eight years and has never disappointed Moscow’s gourmets. It serves breakfasts of shakshuka, labneh, and coffee on the sand until 14:00. To be properly satiated, order the spicy lamb soup with flatbread (arayes) and continue with the tender sabanekh with spinach, lamb, and rice.

The menu includes traditional shawarma with turkey and chicken, meat cooked over charcoal, and a dozen national desserts, from kadaif to knafeh. The establishment is great for friendly gatherings, as well as for romantic dinners. The restaurant’s dishes are not only halal, but unique as well. Please ask your waiter.

Address: 3 Glinishchevsky Lane

Opening hours: Sunday–Thursday: 12:00–0:00; Friday–Saturday: 12:00–2:00


Ji Est

Dagestani restaurant Ji Est fully adheres to the concept of halal. There is no alcohol, but there is a very wide selection of national dishes.

The hits include Avar khinkal, made of lumpy dough with kefir (with a choice of meat), kurze with lamb, beef, or chicken, lula kebab, mountain salad, and traditional chudu flatbread with different fillings. The menu also includes dishes cooked over an open flame, including dorado, chicken breast, vegetables, steaks, and kebabs. And there are, of course, eastern desserts: baklava, roll-ups, and dried apricot porridge.

Address: 11 Ordzhonikidze Street, building 1

Telephone: +7 (916) 625-00-01

Opening hours: 12:00–0:00


Sultan Pizza & Burgers

There is also halal fast food in Moscow. If you like tasty burgers and pizza made of fresh, natural ingredients, you should stop by the Novy Arbat.

Brioche buns, chicken, beef, or vegetarian patties, lettuce, and a variety of sauces, from pesto to blue cheese—there is a large variety of options. As for pizzas, there’s also a wide range, from Hawaiian to barbecue chicken.

The cafe is great for snacks, family meals, and lunches, with combo meals, salads, and fries on the menu. Only non-alcoholic beverages are served.

Address: 15 Novy Arbat Street

Telephone: +7 (925) 550-55-97

Opening hours: Sunday–Thursday: 12:00–0:00; Friday–Saturday: 12:00–1:00

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