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Getting help in emergency


Calling for a Doctor

To call an ambulance, dial 103 or 112 on your cell phone, or dial 03 or 103 on a land phone. It usually takes a few seconds for a 103 operator to answer, but sometimes they will give you a machine menu. When this happens, it is better that you wait for the answer rather than join the back of the line on your next call. When calling for an ambulance, they will want your full name, location and contact info, and will ask you to outline the problem.

Emergency medical assistance is available free of charge at your nearest first aid station.

For professional medical advice, call the medical counseling unit of the Emergency Medical Service at +7 (495) 620-4233 or call 103.

Emergency Calls

In any emergency, call 112. This number is the same for all mobile providers. Calls are not billed. You can call the emergency number even if your number is blocked or there is no SIM in your phone.

The emergency service will give you a machine menu of organizations to call where you get to select the option that matches the nature of your emergency. You need to use tone dial to be put through.You press 1 for the fire service, 2 for the police, 3 for emergency medical assistance, and 4 for gas emergency service.

To call a fire brigade, dial 101 or 112. For the police, dial 102 or 112 on your mobile phone, or 02 on a land line. Dial 04 or 104 for the gas emergency service at Mosgaz OAO. Calls to emergency numbers are never billed.

Lost and Found

If you lost something on the street and were not able to recover it, contact the nearest police station. If someone had found your item and handed it over to the police, they will have it in their lost and found storeroom. You can retrieve the item with your passport or other picture ID. You will be asked to write a short statement describing the circumstances of your loss. If you lost your ID, contact the Documents Lost and Found office of the Interior Ministry's Main Authority for Moscow -- all IDs found in the city end up there.

If you lost or forgot an item in an surface public transit vehicle, contact the Lost and Found service of Mosgortrans. If you lost an item on the Metro or the Moscow Central Circle, contact the Lost and Found serviceof the Metro authority. If you left an item on an Aeroexpress train, call the Lost and Found at Sheremetyevo Airport. The only way to recover an ID lost on the public transit system is by contacting the police: all such finds end up in their Documents Lost and Found office.

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