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Bicycle and Scooter Rental

How to Rent Two-Wheeled Transport


Moscow has a public bicycle rental system that operates from May to October, with bike stations located in the city's central districts. Bicycles can be rented at any time of the day and in some cases can be a faster mode of transport than the metro or buses, which is why bike rental is becoming increasingly popular every year. Also growing in demand in recent years are electric scooters, which are easy to rent and can be dropped off almost anywhere in the city.

Bicycle Rental

You can register in the Velobike system from its official website or using the service's mobile app. After registration, you will be able to select a rate (you can rent a bike for a day, a week, a month, or an entire season) and pay for it with a bank card or a Troika card. Make sure to remember or write down the numeric username and password that you will receive upon registration.

With the Velobike app and website, you can find the closest rental station, look up the number of available bicycles, and check if there are any unoccupied slots at the destination station. Pick a bike and test its performance, making sure to check the tires and the brakes. Press "OK" on the bike's button panel and enter your numeric username and password. You can take the bike from the parking station after you hear the sound signal and see the message "Have a safe ride".

Depending on the rate, you can use the bike for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. After that, the bike must be returned to a parking station before you continue the ride. If the bike is not returned to a station on time, your card will be charged an additional fee. To return a bike, park it in an empty bike slot and wait for the "Return OK" message to appear on the screen. You will also receive a notification in the app or via a text message. Make sure to wait for the notification to confirm that the system registers the return.

Some bike rental stations also have electric bicycles. They can be rented at the standard rate, but may only be returned at special parking stations with a sign "Spots for electric bicycles" (if you leave it in a regular slot, you will have to pay an additional fee of 1,000 rubles). You can check the charge of an electric bicycle by looking at the battery indicator on the right side of the parking stand. If an indicator is green, the bike is ready to be used; if it blinks, the bike is still charging.

If you have any questions, please contact Velobike's customer service by phone: +7 (495) 966-46-69.

Electric Scooter Rental

There is no unified rental system for electric scooters in Moscow: instead, there are several operators for you to choose from: Karusel, Яндекс Go, E-motion, Samocat Sharing, Lite, Whoosh, toGo, SmartWheels, and Urent. Normally, the cost is calculated per minute, and there is a fixed fee for unlocking the scooter. Different rental services operate in different home areas; when you are done using an electric scooter, you can leave it at any parking station within the corresponding area."

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