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Russpass is an online planning service for trips around Russia. With this app, you can purchase air and rail tickets, a wide range of tours, and tickets to museums and theaters, as well as learn about interesting places and useful services. Russpass offers ready-made tours and original routes.


The Moscow Metro has more than 250 stations, and because of this, understanding the structure of this underground railway system can at times be a rather difficult task. The MosMetro app will help you plan your trip and plot a route by telling you the approximate duration of the trip, notifying you of any emergencies and changes in the operation of the metro, offering information on ground transport transfers, and suggesting the best train car for your route. All of this practical information is complemented by interesting facts about the metro, such as the history of its stations and curious statistics.

Moscow Transport

Moscow Transport is a city navigation app that shows the movement of public transport. With this app, you can plot routes in real time and find out how soon your bus will arrive and what alternative routes you can take. Additionally, it allows you to top up your Troika card using your smartphone's NFC feature or your Troika card number.

Moscow Parking

Moscow Parking is the most important city app for car owners: it allows you to find parking lots and get information on their capacity and occupancy, as well as offers a convenient parking payment method. All information about the city's parking spaces provided by the app is updated in real time.


Velobike is a bikesharing app that offers an easier way to use bike rentals: its map shows the location of bike parking stations, as well as the number of unoccupied parking spaces and available bicycles. During the trip, the app will keep track of the rental time and notify you when your free period runs out. Additionally, with Velobike, you can easily select a payment rate and pay for bike rental services with Apple Pay or Google Pay, as well as contact the support service with questions and call an operator in case of emergency.


IZI.Travel is an audio guide to the city that can be used offline. The tours featured in the app are developed by experts from the city's biggest cultural institutions (for instance, IZI.Travel includes the State Tretyakov Gallery's tour dedicated to Silver Age Moscow), and the duration of the routes varies from thirty minutes to a whole day. To conserve your mobile data, you can download the tours you need in advance and go for a walk around Moscow in the company of a personal audio guide.

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