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Taxis and Carsharing

How to call a taxi or rent a car



Taxis are one of the most popular ways to get around Moscow. You can easily call a taxi by phone or using a mobile app, with the average pick-up time being 5-7 minutes.

The biggest taxi services operating in Moscow are Yandex Go, Citymobil, Uber, but there are also other licensed carriers. Cars of legal taxi services have yellow license plates. For long-distance trips, you can use the InDriver service, which allows you to set the price you are willing to pay for the ride. Major taxi services accept any form of payment: bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash.

As a rule, taxi services tell the price of the trip in advance: it will be indicated in the mobile app when you order a taxi. Fares differ depending on the class of the vehicle; in addition to being able to choose between different car categories, you can also select special options for transporting young children, animals, or large cargo.


Carsharing is a short-term by-the-minute car rental model that is usually used for short trips within the boundaries of the city. The advantage of carsharing is that you do not need to pay for gas, parking, and car maintenance: all of this is taken care of by the operator company.

Moscow's carsharing services include Yandex.Drive, Delimobil, BelkaCar, Citydrive. The average price is 5-20 rubles per minute, with the rate varying depending on the conditions of use and the class of the vehicle. Payments are made with bank cards.

Before you can use carsharing services, you will first need to register in a carsharing operator's mobile app. To do this, you will need to submit a photo of your passport and driver's license. After the data is checked by the operator, you will be required to agree to the operator's terms and conditions.

You can book a car through the app; once it is booked, you will be given several free minutes to get to the vehicle. The app is also used to unlock the car; you will find all the necessary documents and the ignition key inside. You may want to inspect the car for visual damage before driving off.

You can leave the car anywhere within your operator's home area, which is different for each carsharing service. You do not have to pay for parking as long as you park legally. Make sure to end the trip in the app when you arrive at your destination.

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