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Staying in Touch in the City


In recent years, Moscow has steadily ranked among the world's top three cities with the largest number of free Wi-Fi hotspots. In Moscow, there is mobile coverage in the underground Metro stations and other difficult-to-reach locations. Mobile telephony and all wireless services are high-speed and excellent quality in the Russian capital.

Metropolitan Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available in all neighborhoods inside Sadovoye Ring and in some neighborhoods inside the Third Ring Road. Most city parks, cultural centers, libraries, theaters, Moskino movie theaters, museums, student dormitories, music and sports schools have Wi-Fi in Moscow. There are maps of free Wi-Fi hotspots available on the streets and in parks, where all hotspots are listed.

If you are within the coverage area of metropolitan Wi-Fi service in Moscow, select Moscow_WiFi_Free from the list of available networks, open your browser and log in using any of the options offered: with your account on or your phone number. Enter your log-in and password when logging in with the website, or enter the access code received in a text message when logging in with your phone number. You will not be ID'd again for three months. Until then, you get free instant Wi-Fi access — just press "Go Online" in your open browser.

Wi-Fi on Public Transit Systems

All Moscow Metro lines and most above-ground transit services offer free Wi-Fi. Log in on MT_FREE to use it: enter in your browser and select how you wish to sign up on via the Public Services website with your log-in and password, or with your phone number. After this, just select MT_FREE as your network and push "Go Online" on to use the internet. If you wish to go online without seeing any ads, check out the paid services package. You can view the rates and select a service in the MT_FREE app for Android or iOS.

Mobile Services

The major Russian mobile providers active in Moscow are MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2 and Yota. All operators offer stable connection and good coverage. The rates will vary between operators and service packages, but all the options and services a traveler may need are readily available.

You can purchase a SIM in any mobile outlet or order one online from the operator and have it delivered to your door. You need your passport to get a SIM, but you can do your contract online.

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