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27 October 2022

On November 1, the Moscow residence of Father Frost will open

A Magic Chamber will open there for the new season.


On November 1, a new season will begin at the Moscow residence of Father Frost in Kuzminki-Lublino Park. A new space, the Magic Chamber, a building resembling a big mailbox, will open there. When visiting it, young guests will be able to enjoy peculiar items from famous fairy tales, observe the production of chocolate sweets, and talk to Father Frost and the Snow Maiden in person.

Adult visitors to the estate are invited to take part in a special evening quest, The Mystery of the New Year’s Eve Light, on which they will learn the most intriguing history of the estate. In addition, everyone decorate gingerbread, paint figures of Father Frost made of biscuit porcelain in the magical workshop, and take part in the Nutcracker’s Toy Kingdom multimedia quest, which takes place in several interactive play locations.

Detailed information about the programs and additional options is published on the official website of the estate.

Photo: Moscow residence of Father Frost

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