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18 April 2022

Seven New Bridges Will Be Built Across the Moskva River

Architects presented the concepts of the structures


Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin presented drawings of the new structures and explained where they will be located. Four bridges will be built in the district of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki: a cycle and pedestrian bridge will lead to Ostrovnaya Street, a second will go in the direction of Fili Park, and two motor bridges will lead to Novozavodskaya and Myasischeva Streets. A unique “sail” bridge with one pylon will be specially created for Novozavodskaya.

Another bridge for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will connect Beregovoy and Prichalny Passages, Shelepikha and Filevsky Park. Pedestrian bridges will be built in Nagatinsky Zaton and across the Vodootvodny Canal in Yakimanka to Balchug Island. The latter will become part of the tourist route from the Sparrow Hills to Balchug and Hydroelectric Power Station-2.

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