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13 December 2021

Moscow Sun observation wheel to be launched in 2022

Europe’s tallest observation wheel is being built at VDNH

Колесо обозрения Москвы

A mixed-use complex and a 140-meter-high observation wheel, called Moscow Sun, are to be opened in 2022. It will be the largest attraction site of its type in Europe. The wheel will be able to accommodate 450 riders simultaneously in 30 closed pods. A full revolution will take 18 minutes 40 seconds.

The grounds near the attraction will house shopping, entertainment, educational, and gastronomic projects. Food courts and a variety of restaurants will operate in the mixed-use complex, offering national cuisines from around the world, including traditional Russian dishes, and special menus for those who lead healthy lifestyles. In addition, mobile food outlets and cafes with lounge areas will also be located outside the attraction.

Photo: Moscow Observation Wheel

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