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11 July 2022

New pedestrian routes have appeared at VDNKh

Walks for kids, and fans of architecture, nature and flowers

вднх прогулки.jpeg

VDNKh presented 10 new pedestrian routes: some of them pass through the central part of the exhibition, and others through remote natural areas with flower gardens and rare plants. There is no guide to the walks, but visitors get all the information they need through interactive installations, layouts and stands.

The Awareness route is intended for those who at the exhibition for the first time. It includes a walk along the Central Avenue, past the Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower fountains. Guests will be told when and why VDNKh was built, and what ideas are embodied here.

For those who want to take a break from the bustle of the city, the Natural route is ideal. It begins at the City Farm, continues at the cascade of Kamensky ponds, where you can relax by the water and visit the green labyrinth, and ends at the nature trail in the landscape park. You can climb to the high-rise bridges and see the protected Sheremetevskiy oak forest in all its glory.

The With Children route was prepared for young visitors. During the walk, children will visit the interactive Fairy Tale Theater pavilion, try to control the game model of a spaceship, and learn how to make ice cream.

The Flowers route leads through the most picturesque places of VDNKh: it starts from the northern rose garden near the big walking alley, passes by the lilac garden and the Big Picture of Fields flower bed system.

The National Color route will help you learn about the cultures of different countries and taste their cuisine. You can learn more about the other routes on the exhibition complex website in the Themed Routes section.

Photo: VDNKh

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