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25 January 2022

The first eco-gallery in Russia will open in Moscow

The first exhibition will focus on upcycling


In the near future, the Krasnokholmskaya Gallery will open in Moscow — it will be the only cultural institution in Russia addressing an environmental agenda. The venue is located at 1/15 Krasnokholmskaya Embankment. The main purpose of the gallery is to draw attention to environmental issues through culture and the formation of a community of people who follow eco-friendly lifestyles or are just gaining interest in the topic. The gallery will intertwine several areas at once: art, education, leisure, and lifestyle.

The first exhibition, “The New from the Old,” will be about upcycling — reusing objects and rethinking existing things. The display traces the history of the reuse of materials in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The works of contemporary artists, as well as those of design pioneers of the USSR, such as Alexander Rodchenko, will be exhibited.

In addition to the two exhibition halls, the gallery houses a sound gallery, a souvenir store and bookstore, creative workshops, a cafeteria, and a library.

Photo: Exhibition Halls of Moscow

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