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26 October 2022

Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre displays stories about the Russian North

It is hosting Oleg Zotov’s The Heart of Yugra exhibition


Oleg Zotov’s personal photo exhibition The Heart of Yugra, a series of works devoted to the northern regions of Russia, where nature and traditions are intertwined in a peculiar pattern, will be open in the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre until December 1.

As the starting geographical point, Zotov chose Yugra, a Siberian region with a rich history and ancient tales and myths which the indigenous peoples have carried through the centuries. The photographer introduces his own vision of the Yugra land, mythologizing it through the methods of fashion and fine-art photography.

The exhibition includes 40 photo panels which encourage viewers to discover the distinctive Yugra. The subjects include the Subpolar Urals, the Irtysh and Ob Rivers, the taiga, waterfalls and lakes, shaft tunnels with rock crystal, swamps and solar panels, moss and oil rigs, wild-growing herbs and deer, mammoth tusks and hand-made oblas boats, jewelry and costumes, and portraits of Khanty and Mansi people.

Photo: VDNKh

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