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Khokhlovka Art Block

Art studios and vintage shops on Ivanovskaya Hill.

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The history of Khokhlovka neighborhood goes back to the late 17th century when one Yemelyan Ukraintsev, a diplomat, had some houses built on Ivanovskaya Hill close to Kitai-Gorod. The main building remained the home of the Moscow Archive of the College of Foreign Affairs for many decades. A group of artists and sculptors set sights on the the property in the early 2000s, eventually turning the space between the buildings into an art cluster.

The place is currently an assemblage of workshops, vintage and retro fashion stores, designer studios, and appliance repair shops.The neighborhood offers a delightful walk amid historic buildings on a sunny day. The house fronts have come to resemble an outdoor art gallery over time. The Giperion Book Club has the atmosphere of an old-school second-hand book shop.Vintage Atelier is a vintage jewelry shop that sells faux jewelry from Europe. Some other options are the Mix & Match second-hand boutique, or a party at the Blanc Club.

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