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Izmailovo Kremlin

A place where you can feel like a hero of a fairy tale.


The construction of the Kremlin in Izmailovo was completed in 2003. It is a modern cultural complex that combines the characteristic features and vivid details of various Russian Kremlins from different historical epochs. With its multicolored roofs and patterned towers, the Izmailovo Kremlin looks more like a set for the cartoon "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" than a structure that should defend against enemies. However, the creators of the complex did not strive for historical accuracy. The architectural object is primarily aimed at visitors looking for the embodiment of "everything ancient and Russian" in one place. And secondly, it targets children who can feel like the heroes of an old fairy tale here.

The territory of the Izmailovo Kremlin is a whole industry of entertainment and recreation. There are the Museum of Vodka and the Museum of Bread, the Museum of Tricks and the Museum of Arms, craft workshops (from pottery to forge), Baba Yaga's hut, and cafes serving homemade pies, porridge, dumplings, and other dishes associated with Russian cuisine. There are enough activities here for the whole day. Various thematic excursions are regularly held in the complex, and the record for workshops is open. Everyone can mold a pot, forge a horseshoe, or sew a doll. You can also spend more than one hour finding a gift in local souvenir shops. And if you want, you can even arrange a marriage registration as there is a functioning registry office on the territory of the complex.


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