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Kolomenskaya Embankment

Landscaped embankment overlooking the Moscow River

Нагатинский затон - Коломенская набережная RMX_4861.jpeg

In 2019, the unremarkable embankment near the Kolomenskoye nature reserve was transformed and turned into a new point of attraction for local residents and tourists. A comfortable pedestrian zone has been arranged here, with a view of the river on one side, and landscaped areas and lush greenery on the other.

For children, several playgrounds designed for different age categories were organized, and a large slide was also installed, which turns into an ice hill in winter. There are also sports playgrounds, a recreation area near the water, and bike paths. The territory was decorated with two rotundas, where you can relax after a walk, or shelter from the rain.

There are practically no historical buildings here – the embankment is more likely to be conducive to meditative walks and contemplation of nature. And thanks to the fact that not only the embankment itself, but also the surrounding areas were landscaped and planted with trees and shrubs, it has turned into a small eco-oasis in the city.

Photo: My District program

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