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Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

View of the Moscow River and the famous Stalinist skyscraper


One of the most popular and recognizable embankments in Moscow got its name at the beginning of the 20th century. Boilermakers lived here – craftsmen who made boilers and various metal utensils. But the embankment acquired its main attraction – the Stalinist skyscraper, built in the neo-Gothic style and crowned with a spire and a star, in the middle of the last century. Previously, famous actors, composers and writers lived in a high-rise building. Illusion, the oldest cinema in the capital, and museum-apartment of Galina Ulanova now operate here. Tourists and city dwellers stroll along the water and take commemorative photographs against the backdrop of the iconic architectural monument.

In addition to the skyscraper, there are other buildings that deserve attention: the house of the Chudov Monastery, an almshouse built with the money of the Mazurin merchants, and the Theater on the Embankment Children’s Art Center, residential buildings of the 1920s in the constructivist style.


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