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Kremlin Embankment

The most important embankment in Moscow


This embankment is known to every resident of Russia – its image has been repeatedly seen in television backdrops and films, on postcards and pages of textbooks. It is located between Vasilyevsky Spusk and Lenivka and runs along the Moskva River past the southern wall of the Kremlin.

The embankment was transformed along with the city: several centuries ago it was just a road running along the Kremlin walls, defensive ramparts and bastions were built here to repel the attacks of the Swedes. Initially, it was sheathed with logs, and acquired a modern look with granite trim in 1936. It offers an amazing view of the river and the Moscow Kremlin with its historic towers, the main decoration of the embankment: Vodovzvodnaya, Taynitskaya, Bezymyannaya, Petrovskaya and Moskvoretskaya. You can see Red Square and Vasilyevsky Spusk from the embankment. This place is especially beautiful at night, when many lights are reflected in the water.

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